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Meet The Chemist Curator

Sydnee Mitchell-Jemison has had a passion for beauty and science for years but decided to pursue both in 2022 after finishing her undergrad at Prairie View A&M University in Chemistry. She had several opportunities to complete projects and work in labs. Still, it wasn't until she finished undergrad that she discovered she could pursue beauty and science in cosmetic science for her Master's. Throughout her self-discovery, she began her business, The Chemist Curator, because she wanted to solve the issue for beauty entrepreneurs who desire to create their own cosmetic line but don't have the science background behind it. Since then, she has offered services to those who needed assistance with formulation ideas, pitching ideas to help them find their niche, and even hosted several classes for young girls to help them learn to be confident in their creative abilities in science and to learn how to make money at a young age. Sydnee has a drive to help those who need help know that they don't have to pick one or the other, but they can do both!

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